Our process will be extremely valuable to your business regardless of what phase you are in. Whether you’re a startup, established business, or looking at selling your corporation and setting up proper estate planning we have solutions and ideas for you every step of the way.


At the initial assessment, be prepared to provide an overview of your corporate and personal structure as well as your vision of where you want to see your company grow to. We will also look at family dynamics, succession planning, estate planning, and philanthropic goals.


Our comprehensive analysis will look at all aspects of your business and highlight key points of interest such as corporate structure, insurance, investments, and exit strategies. We then take those points and develop a customized tax strategy for yourself and your company ensuring your goals and values are met to maximize your net worth.


Upon agreement of the analysis we will handle the management of all disciplines to completion which will include all legal, insurance, investing, and accounting services. We will continue to work with you and adjust your plan as necessary as your goals, situation, and values may change over time.